TB1 pink optical glass fitlers

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TB1 pink optical glass filters

Product description:
    Nantong Haisheng Optical Co.,Ltd. can supply full range of filters. They are short pass Filter, long pass Filter, band pass Filter, ultraviolet Filter, infrared Filter, heat absorbing Filter, and color temperature conversion filters. We use material by China to Schott, Hoya, and other manufacturers to process them. Metallic films, colored glasses and thin dielectric films filter are all available per your requirements.
    Filters are designed by their manufacturers to transmit or absorb different wavelengths of light. And they are widely used in scientific experiments and industrial applications where that change is necessary. 

Model Thickness A[2856k] D65 Chemical Stability ND α×10-7 Tg Ts S
(mm) x y Y x y Y DA DW (/ºC) (ºC) (ºC)
TB1 2 0.45 0.407 88.3 0.316 0.33 87.7 4 5 1.547 2.85
TB2 2 0.456 0.405  86.8  0.321  0.330  85.4 1 3 1.558 2.97

Model Thickness T400 T435 T435-T500 T600-T500 T600-Tg* Bubbles Stripe Stress
TB1 2 ≥83.0 ≥1.5 ≥3.0 C-B 3C 3
TB2 2 ≥80.0 6.0±3.0 C-B 3C 3

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TB1 pink optical glass fitlers


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