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Optical glass polishing technology introduction

Optical glass is finely ground by the grinding liquid, optical glass surface has a crack layer for 2–3 m thickness, so the method of eliminating the crack layer is for polishing. The mechanisms of grinding and polishing are the same, except for the tool material is different from the polishing solution. The polishing materials are for cloth, polyurethane and pitch.

Lab scientists successfully print glass optics

A new 3D-printing technique, developed at Lawrence Livermore, could allow scientists to print glass that incorporates different refractive indices in a single flat optic, making finishing cheaper and easier.

New Technology Enables Machined Optical Glass

A new technology developed at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany could make it possible to produce and use high-quality glass materials in place of polymers, the researchers have reported. The innovation, known as Glassomer, could be used in optical, photonic, medical, and industrial applications.