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Jgs1 Fused Silica Optical Quartz Glass Windows

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JGS1 fused silica optical quartz glass windows

Product description:
   Haisheng Optical can produce optical quartz glass windows, it can able to bear high temperature and high pressure, mostly applied to special ray source, optical instrument, etc. It can experiment temperature up to 1200 degree, intenerate temperatures to 1730 degree.
1.JGS1( Extreme UV optical quartz glass)
It is a high-purity optical quartz glass made by oxyhydrogen flame melting. Its satisfactory UV light transmission performance surpass all the other glass types in particular in the shortwave UV zone and can achieve a 90% transmission rate at the wavelength of 185nm. Hence it is an ideal choice for applications in the wavelength range of 185-2500nm.
 2.JGS2 (UV optical quartz glass)
It is an optical quartz glass made by oxyhydrogen flame melting and is suggested for applications in the wavelength range of 220-2500nm.
 3. JGS3 (Infrared quartz glass)
It has a good performance of infrared light transmission with a transmittance of over 85%. It is recommended for applications in the wavelength range of 260-3500nm.

Optical constants of Quartz glass

Spectral characteristics
The average transmittance
Bubble class022
Grain structure122
Radiation PerformanceDoes not change colorSlight discolorationChange color

Physical properties of quartz glass


Mechanical propertiesStandard value
Compressive strength1100Mpa
Bending strength67Mpa
Tensile strength48Mpa
Poisson's ratio μ0.14~0.17
Young's modulus E72000Mpa
Rigidity modulus31000Mpa
Mohs hardness5.5~6.5


Thermal propertiesStandard value
Transformation point1280ºC
Softening point1780ºC
Annealing Point1250ºC
Specific heat(20~350ºC)670J/kg.ºC
Thermal conductivity(20ºC)1.4W/m.ºC
Index of refraction1.4585
Coefficient of thermal expansion5.5×10-7cm/cm. ºC
Thermal processing temperature1750~2050ºC
Short-term use temperature1300ºC
Long-term use temperature1100ºC

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