High Temperature Borosilicate Glass Belong to Float Series

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gh temperature borosilicate glass belong to flaot series

Product description:
 Borosilicate glass is one of transparent colorless glasses, the wavelength is between 350nm to 2500nm, and the transimitance is more than 90%.

Its alkalifast, and the high temperature is up to 400°C,If course handling, the high temperature resiatant can reach 550°C.

1. Raw material: Borosilicate glass, Pyrex,  Optical glass.

2. Processing: by Molding, Grinding, Polishing.

3. Surface quality: optical surface quality and well controlled tolerance

4. Inside quality: clear and transparent, no mold marks, no inside bubble and dirts.

5. Great heat resistance performance,stable chemical property.

6. Working field :widely used in high-temperature observation windows, lighting (high-power lighting panel), appliances, laboratory containers, solar, lighting and other fields.

   Haisheng Optical produces of high borosilicate glass, with a good appearance, high temperature, resistance strong pressure, acid and alkali, high transparency, good quality, After cutting, grinding, polishing, milling,Tempered and so on process to complete. 

Silicon content>80%
Strain and Temperature520ºC
Annealing temperature560ºC
Softening temperature820ºC
Index of refraction1.47
Elastic modulus E67KNmm-2
Tensile strength40-120Nmm-2
Processing temperature(104dpas)1220ºC
Coefficient of thermal expansion(20-300ºC)3.3×10-6/K-1
Poisson's ratio μ0.2
Specific heat0.9Jg-1K-1
Thermal conductivity1.2Wm-1K-1
Water resistance(ISO 719)1 Level
Acid resistance(ISO 195)1 Level
Alkali resistance(ISO 695)2 Level
CML resistant glass rod glass rod Φ6 × 30mm300º

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