magnifying optical glass lens

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magnifying optical glass lens

Product description:

magnifying optical glass lens

Magnifying optical lens are transparent made of one or more pieces of optical-quality material(ground and polish molding) and curve(always spherical) to canverge or diverge transmitted rays from an object. These rays from a real or virtual image of object.


BK7, Fused Silica, SF10, CaF2, Sapphire .etc.
Paraxial Focal Length Tolerance: ±2%
Dimension Tolerance: ±0.2(General). ±0.05(High Precision)
Centration: <3 arc min
IRR: λ/4@633nm(General),λ/10@633nm(High Precision)
Clear Aperture: >80%(Small Size), >95%(Large Size)
Surface Figure <1.5λ@633nm(General),<λ/4@633nm(High Precision)
Surface Quality: 60/40(General),10/5(High Precision)
Bevel: <0.25mm
Coating: Uncoated, AR,PR, HR, etc.


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